MEC (Mobile Energy container)

The Mobile Energy Container (MEC) offers a continuous power supply, reduction in power cost and many more advantages. EMC is designed for high power output, easy transport, on site assembly and remote operation.

MEC Basic

output up to 5 KW
EU-compliant equipment


Ready to use by fire departments, police, refugee camps etc.

MEC Army

Dedicated for military, mobile hospitals and medical facilities, etc.

The following are different kinds of modifications according to the primary use of the MEC unit

MEC Agriculture

Ready for agriculture, biotechnology orirrigation devices

MEC Leasure

Suitable for tourist centres, diving centres, charging electro bikes, vehicles or boats

MEC Technic

Designed for TV or satellite trucks, telecommunication technology, etc.

Service backround

Our company provides customer service, advice and technical assistance. Everything is solved individually with the customer, using our contractors in the countries where our MEC units work, or directly by our staff. Most cases are handled online, while we monitor the device using a mobile app allowing our technicians to identify the problem. They can then ensure that the MEC unit is operating properly by means of telephone-based advice. Delivery of spare parts is a matter of course.

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