About us

MIFRE ENERGY s.r.o. - division SAWEP

We are a young and promising company that continues the tradition of honest work rooted in Czech society and modern technologies. We develop research and produce clean energy technologies. Specifically the easily accessible Mobile Energy Containers (MECs), which sophistically combine solar and wind energy with energy storage in the latest type of batteries.

Our electronic process control solution provides a virtually endless supply of the required energy in an environment where it is impossible to produce and deliver electricity, 100% environmentally friendly! Smart electronics control the basic processes of production and storage of energy, and in addition, according to the customer’s requirements, can find via mobile or satellite connection all information about how MEC is currently working, what is the battery capacity, what is the weather around the MEC etc.

Our advantage? Our team of experts in the field of energetics, electronics and mechanics is ready to meet all customer requirements flexibly. We rely mainly on Czech technical skills and imagination. We cooperate on development with Czech scientific and production institutions, which ensure maximum potential and use of the latest technologies.