Product line

MEC (Mobile Energy container)

Unique features of the MEC system:

  • Island system
  • 16 solar panels
  • 2 wind turbines
  • 16 batteries
  • Small generator 5kW
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Two-axle chassis (can be connected behind a car)
  • Mobility
  • Power 10 kW
  • Assembly of two workers
  • Commissioning time 2 hours

The Mobile Energy Container (MEC) offers a continuous power supply, reduction in power cost and many more advantages. EMC is designed for high power output, easy transport, on site assembly and remote operation.

Electricity is produced by 16 solar panels and 2 vertical wind turbine generators. MEC is equipped with 10 kWh battery storage and a gas or petrol powered 5kW generator. The basic model is mounted on a 4 metre long, two-axle trailer. MEC is able to access remote all-terrain areas, with a total weight of only 3000 kg including the trailer.


  • MEC can be towed behind any  vehicle or SUV. Just two personnel are required for assembly / disassembly on site without special equipment. A GSM network or satellite connection can be used for MEC remote control and monitoring. 
  • The MEC PLC  unit controls solar and wind power flows or a combination of both, depending on the current power source availability.
  • MEC stores surplus energy in the batteries. To maintain the power supply in unfavourable weather conditions, the PLC unit switches on the generator automatically.
  • MEC parameters and accessories can be modified based on customer needs. Please, contact us with your requirements.
MEC provides a constant power supply. The PLC unit continuously determines the most efficient power source from sun, wind, or a combination of both. The PLC fully covers immediate energy consumption, storing any surplus to batteries. Under a full load of connected appliances, the system is designed to use approx. 10-20 % of the total energy for battery charging, until they are fully charged.
Another advantage of MEC’s technical solution is that the batteries are never completely discharged.  They will always keep enough energy to maintain monitoring and remote access. A petrol or gas generator is used to backup connected appliances and battery charging.

The following are different kinds of modifications according to the primary use of the MEC unit:

MEC Basic

  • Ready to deploy in regular weather conditions with a power capacity of 5 kW.


    • MEC IZS is an extended model of MEC basic, ready to use by fire departments, police, refugee camps etc. MEC IZC can be used in difficult terrain in any weather conditions.

MEC Army

    • MEC Army model is dedicated for military, mobile hospitals and medical facilities. It can be customized for mobile laboratory use.

MEC Agriculture

    • MEC agriculture is ready to deploy for agriculture and biotechnology. It can power irrigation devices.

MEC Leasure

    • MEC Leisure is suitable for tourist centres, diving centres, charging electro bikes, vehicles and boats, etc.

MEC Technic

    • Technic is designed to supply power for TV or satellite trucks, telecommunication technology, etc.

Basic equipment in the storage space (outdoor operator equipment)

Tarpaulin usable as a large tent. In the storage space there will be a spare small tent, sleeping bags, mats, chainsaw, axes, hand saw, hammers, assembly tools, flashlights, water pump, first aid kit, stock of durable food and much more.