Technical support

Rated power5200W
Maximum short-term usable power6000W
Battery capacity10KWH
Battery operating time120min
Emergency recharge time240min
Unit weight3000kg
Control unitprocessor, application connectivity

In the basic version, solar cells achieve 5.2 kW in full sunlight, 1 kW wind turbine, 10 kWh battery. The whole system provides a constant source of electricity. The control unit continuously controls and searches for the most efficient momentary current source, or a combination of solar and wind source. This ensures both smooth power supply for immediate consumption and simultaneous battery charging. The system is designed so that even in case of full load by appliances, part of the energy (in practice it is 10-20% according to customer requirements) is sent to the batteries (unless they are fully charged).

Another advantage of our technical solution is that the batteries will never be completely discharged and there will always be enough energy to provide the information and control system. As mentioned above, only in the case of emergency mode is there as a backup gasoline generator (in the basic configuration of 5 KW), which sufficiently covers both the basic needs of appliances and battery charging.